Installation floor

Installation floor

Installation floor – IV1260

General Information

The Alteco IV1260 installation floor system is one of the safest and most stable floor system currently available on the international market.

The floor is composed of a stable steel frame and detachable floor panels, which are available in various models.

The floor are fire resistant, offer a extensive scope for cabling and large air ducts, and can be easily modified or extended.

Detailtekening deel installatievloer met egalisatieframe en zware kast v2

Load-bearing structure

Steel uprights and a steel-framed grid, connected to one and another with hammerhead screws to form an electrically conductive structure.

The uprights are made of galvanised 1″ gas pipe (DIN 2440) fitted with cap plates. The load bearing frame is made of C-profile 60x60x2 mm, fitted in a standard 1200×600 grid.
Alternative grid dimensions can also be applied without any problem.

Advantages of the Installation floorsystem

The installationfloor – IV1260 has many advantages compared with the “regular” computerfloor;

  • the equalizingframes, for the UPS and airco’s, are integrated with the bearing structure.
  • the bearing structure is electrically conductive assembled, therefore an earth copergrid is redundant.

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Technical Specifications

Built height: from 200 mm till 2000 mm
Uniform load: 18 kN/m(with a grid of 1200x600mm)
Pedestal load: from bh = 200 mm –> 67,70 kN
till bh = 2000 mm   –> 31,20 kN
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